Wednesday, June 29, 2011

mix 2

Another post with a mix of photos from the past couple weeks. I've actually gotten a few compliments on my photos here, which is pretty neat because all my photos are taken with an iPhone 4! It's amazing that my phone can take pictures that might pass as "real" photographs.

If you're in Charlottetown I highly recommend checking out the Daniel Brenan Brickhouse! It's housed in the building formerly known as Off Broadway/42nd Street on Sydney Street. I got 3 pulled pork sliders with jalapeno cream and a side of mac and cheese, it was amazing! They also bring out the drink menu on an iPad. Fancy eh.

Pretty dog, being pretty at Sobeys

I got really crafty when I was on vacation a few weeks ago and made a mobile out of paper and a stick I found in the yard.

Charlottetown, from the Victoria Park boardwalk, on a stormy day that ended in sun.

I always walk by a house with these amazing wall gardens. I've heard they've started selling custom ones! So cool, if I had an outdoor wall to call my own I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

These are all photos of my bathroom I've been tinkering with. No full shots unfortunately as my bathroom is too small to even take a picture of.

My favourite shoes. Sitting around in Rochford Square (the best square) today on my sunny day off.

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  1. You may actually be one of the first PEI bloggers I've stumbled upon. So glad to see! Definitely will be following along.


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