Monday, February 27, 2012

all dressed up

jezzy belle's vintage dress, hue polka-dot tights, vintage mary-jane heels, gifted hat

This lovely handmade vintage dress Deb from Jezzy Belle's sent me deserves so much more than my regular old Docs-and-leggings winter routine. I thrifted these low mary-jane heels last weekend and thought they were a perfect match for the dress. So I just... got dressed up. And stayed in my house and took photos of my outfit! Yes! This dress will see the (literal) light of day in a couple months but for now why not have fun and dress up in Spring clothes just to stay in my comfy warm apartment? I'm sure it's an effective treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder. And not a waste of time at ALL, nooooo...

By the way, there's a buncha great vintage for sale over at Jezzy Belle's. This precious prom dress is catching my eye, along with this sweet sailor dress. There's even a cherished Castlecliff lucite goldfish necklace. If you buy it you can be just like me!

PS - I think people hate it when fashion bloggers talk about the weather? I've seen people say this before. Too bad. The weather has a HUGE say in how I get dressed! It's my excuse for not prancing around in open jackets and bare legs like half the bloggers I follow are doing right now.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


newly thrifted floral suitcase

two tops with great patterns

my new glasses!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

button down life

thrifted button-down, necklace, christian dior belt and doc martens, eclipse skirt, joe fresh tights

I paid a visit to The Garment District when it opened on Tuesday and picked up a few things, including this button-down. This is the new thrift store operating out of the old Froggie's building. So far I think I like it! It's very organized and CHEAP! I think almost everything is about five bucks, a welcome change these days, when you can't find a single thing at Value Village for under eight dollars. I'm not sure if anything can fill the hole in my heart where the Froggie's costume section used to be (lol dramatic much) but the Garment District does ease the pain a little bit.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

teenage dream/wasteland/dirtbag/etc.

everything thrifted,except for tights, they were a gift) and a pair of joe fresh socks

Before I got my braces I got this vague idea that I should maybe dress more "adult" when I got my braces. In a recent post, Sarah touched on what it means to be told you look like a high-schooler. And what's more high school than braces? There's a sign in my orthodontist's waiting room that says "Please respect that most appointments are made during school hours." I haven't been to a class in years! I have to fit those appointments into my work schedule! I graduated from post-secondary education at age 19! I'm currently rounding out my third year of living in my own apartment that I pay for myself. That's what makes you an adult, right? Paying your own bills? Making your own eye appointments and slapping down the eighty bucks it costs on your credit card?

So maybe people think I look like a teenager when I wear weird short dresses and big boots. Forgive me for sounding like one as well, but who cares what other people think? I know how to live on my own. When I was an actual teenager I craved independence, and now that I have it you can bet I'll exercise it by wearing as many peter pan collars and knee-high socks as I want.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the girl with the most cake

thrifted plaid babydoll dress, bow-neck blouse, doc martens and leather cat pin, joe fresh cardigan

Should I have named my blog "how do wear Doc Martens literally every day without going crazy"? One of my tips is: own it. Wear a 90s babydoll dress. Look like you should be a character on Doug or a model in Sassy. Scream Hole lyrics at your cat. Whatever.

Monday, February 20, 2012

fruit stripe

everything thrifted

So I dyed my hair dark brown last night and... it got darker. Red really has a hold on my hair, I can never seem to get rid of it. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

This dress kind of feels like pajamas I would have owned as a child in 1996, but it has belt loops, which means I can wear it in the day, right? It's very worn-in and cozy. Perfect for a quiet day at work when the rest of the Island is on holiday.

Thirdly of all, Clearly Contacts was doing a first pair free promotion this weekend so I grabbed up these. My big harsh frames are feeling particularly harsh with my new dark hair, these should be a welcome change.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

inappropriate footwear

old navy dress, gifted hat, thrifted angora sweater, rose ring, etienne aigner belt and doc martens, joe fresh pineapple nail colour

I wouldn't recommend wearing little shoes like this in February in Prince Edward Island. It's very slushy! and slippery. I was so tired of wearing Doc Martens though. So tired! I wonder if fashion bloggers in warmer climates realize how good they have it, that they don't have to organize every outfit around their own good pair of winter boots? Must be nice...

pssst it may be obvious from the quality of these photos, but I got a new (to me!) DSLR! It's a used Canon 20D I practically stole. Trying to take these photos with my old Canon S5IS in this light would have been a mess. And now I can finally take a photo of my black cat that doesn't look like a big black blob with eyes. LOOK AT THOSE LIDDLE FEATURES what a cutie eh?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


elcipse pencil skirt, old navy cardigan, hand-me-down ruffled cardigan, hue tights, thrifted doc martens and cross stitch locket necklace

Happy Valentines Day! I've mentioned this before but I am all for any holiday that involves eating candy. I even like those stupid chalky conversation hearts. Fax me.

Aside from picking up a bunch of discounted candy tomorrow, I'm also going to be getting my eyes checked for the first time in an embarrassingly long time. This means I can finally get new glasses! I've had my Vivienne Westwood frames for 3 years and as nice as they are I'm a little sick of them after having them on my face every single waking moment since I got them. Clearly Contacts is doing one of their free pair offers which is intriguing, but when I did the virtual try-on feature this happened.

I can't work with this!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

fruits of my labour

One dishcloth with a wonky corner

One beer coaster

So far crocheting has been way easier than I expected! I only swore a few times...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

rain day

old navy dress, thrifted sweater, christian dior tights and doc martens

Sometime this morning I decided I really wanted to start CROCHETING. For some reason. So I bought a hook and some yarn and I guess I'll try to start crocheting tonight. Hopefully I don't get frustrated immediately and keep up with it enough to make a granny square afghan.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

venus in whatevers

thrifted black lace dress, belt and doc martens, vintage fur collar from etsy, joe fresh cardigan, tights and socks

When I first mentioned buying this vintage fox fur collar from Etsy I was faced with a lot of "why"s or sad faces or simply photos of foxes frolicking among flowers. I don't feel bad about wearing the fur of an animal that died 30 years ago, in a farm that more than likely doesn't exist anymore, and supporting a small businessperson in the process. Would it be better if it was thrown away or boxed up in an attic unworn? I don't have any qualms about wearing it.

Monday, February 6, 2012


joe fresh top, thrifted skirt and boots, gifted hat

Verdict on my new thrifted boots: awesome. They keep my feet super warm and dry and they keep me from slipping all over the place. They look alright too. I wonder why they don't make boots like this anymore. Lately I find there's no middle ground between leather riding boots with slick soles and Sorels. It's obviously possible to make boots that are winter-proof AND half-stylish, I wonder why no one's cashing in on it.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

recent thrifts

a big heavy ring that looks like a big ol' chain

a tiny deer family

i like the gradiated effect on this glass.

the fur collar just came from etsy, and i thrifted the globe. i deduced to be made in 1975. every time i see a world map i like to see what they think pei looks like


i needed something to save room on my kitchen table/desk. i'm into the scalloped detail around the edge of this tray.

some seriously warm wool mittens that people keep calling oven mitts :c these are handmade!

and the most boring but most important thrift of the season - new boots! these are made in canada, lined in shearling, and the leather is waterproof and salt-resistant! just what i needed.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

groundhog day

everything thrifted! except for the fleece-lined leggings

I'm (obviously) loving this belt-tucking thing I've been doing lately. It makes my outfits feel a little more casual, essential when I'm wearing Docs everyday. Also trying to summon Spring with a buttery yellow top and mint skirt. What did the groundhogs say about Spring? Is it soon? I hope so.

oh! and if you're wondering about that bag, it's a vintage Air Canada bag! It's so neat. I saw one on ModCloth's vintage section a few months ago.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

yukon parka

Behold my Yukon Parka, the warmest coat I've ever owned.

The funniest part is the flowers. Florals are kind of a spring motif but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this coat in anything warmer than -5C weather.


old navy sweater, thrifted plaid dress, etienne aigner belt, and doc martens

This is the first dress I ever thrifted! If you have been stalking me on the internet for 4 years you may remember this dress, from this outfit:

It was one of my first submissions to wardrobe_remix, the flickr group that I credit for sparking my interest in fashion. Most of the things I acquired during that discovery phase have been donated away by now but this dress stays. Maybe I've kept it around for the sentimental value. Or maybe I just like plaid dresses with pointy collars.
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