Tuesday, April 12, 2011

april 12

i've been half-heartedly looking for a new dresser for months, and as always it took complaining to get any results.

after being OVERWHELMED with respsonses i ended up with one free old dresser! but wait...

i had this can of spraypaint leftover from an experiment to see if i could paint over glazed ceramic (i can't).

(normally i would have a lot more room on the deck to craft on but my neighbours decided to build some kind of bar. ok.)

when the paint dried i took the drawers in and re-painted the knobs white with some acrylic paint.


  1. Hey Kristin! this is great!!! I love it!

  2. This looks really great. I did a cheap dresser blue a few years ago.

  3. what the hell is this bar about? I hate it. I love your dresser and your face

  4. I like how your nail polish matches it, too!

  5. awesome i love it :D


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