Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a little trick

the thing about my apartment is that it's very, very narrow. exactly 6'11'' wide. at no point does it get any thinner or any wider. i've been willing to let this annoying detail slide because of the other things i love about this place (cheap rent, great location, hardwood floors, good light, etc) but i'm making an effort this year to get the most out of this little space and use it to my advantage. my first example is the bedroom.


i figured that getting my bed on a 90 degree would free up a lot of space. unfortunately that headboard made it about 2 inches too long to fit, and it's a loadbearing headboard. with some help from my mom we managed to take the headboard off, and put blocks under that side of the bed, and turn it around without crushing any fingers.

my second idea for making the space look bigger is one i'm quite proud of. if i put two long curtains on either side of my window, i could create the look of a larger window, which in turn creates the look of a larger room. it's a simple trick with big results.

of course i took this opportunity to do as much i could to redecorate the whole space. i got new new bedding (the floral i had before would have looked so horrible with the curtains) and a new dresser.

(ps thank you to everyone who commented on my last entry/started following my blog/etc. this blog is going to continue to be about diy projects, thrifting, fun stuff like that. all the support inspires me!)


  1. YES!! It all looks amazing! I love your new curtains man! :D

  2. ummmm can you come halp me this summer?? fo' real. You've got a great eye for this!

  3. Your room was charming and adorable before! It looks more polished now though. Good job! The bed seems so cozy the way its snugged up right against the wall.

  4. Wow everything is so beautiful! Please come help with mine

  5. Very cute! I love your headboard but taking it off was a good idea. Your room looks so much better! :)

  6. oh its gorgeous! i love the blues!

  7. I am officially jealous of how adorable your apartment is. Seriously cute! And what a difference in the before and after!


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