Friday, October 21, 2011


Now, I love my iPhone, but I have to say, as convenient as taking a quick snap in the office bathroom is, it does not make for attractive blogging.

top: joe fresh, skirt: dynamite, belt: thrifted. not pictured: black tights, socks, thrifted boots. taking a photo is POINTLESS you've all seen them.

on my "to get" list: a cheap entry-level DSLR (Kijiji?) and shoes that aren't the brown leather vintage boots I wear literally every day.


  1. cute skirt! i'm sure you'll find a cheap slr, i sold my year old canon rebel xti for $450 on craigslist!

  2. I just got a DSLR and still learning how to use it, but I love it. Definitely worth the investment. Do try kijiji maybe? Or UsedPEI?

    I actually have that same top but in black. Love a sequin!


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