Saturday, September 8, 2012

endless days

vintage 50s skirt: thrifted
top: smart set
flats: old navy
christian door belt: thrifted
rose pin: thrifted

My vacation is coming to an end and I have to say, I'm kinda glad for it. The week completely snuck up on me and I found myself with all this free time and nothing to do, so of course I did... nothing. A couple days of heavy rain kinda cramped my style as well. It was to have some time to relax but I think I'll feel a lot better once I get back into the routine of going to work every day.


Here's a tip for you: lots of thrift stores will hoard the weird vintage they get all year, and then stick it on a rack come Halloween-time for "costumes." That's how I found this skirt last week. And it was only $2.99, a total steal considering it came from Value Village. I have no idea what kind of costume this could be a part of so I guess I'll just wear it as my regular clothes...



  1. Love this! With a red cardigan it'd be perfect for a chillier day.

  2. Hey! I love yr blog and would like to ask you for some fashion advice:
    I recently went thrifting and got this A-line midi skirt (ends just below my knees), it's floral printed and it's a dark brown with the flowers being cream. I don't know what to wear it with but I reaaaally love it! I see you have worn quite abit of midi skirts so I thought you'd be the perfect person to ask!
    Thanks alot :)


    1. thanks! that skirt sounds really cute. for warmer weather i think wedge sandals are a good choice, with a loose-fitting tank or t-shirt. maybe a long pendant necklace too!

      for warmer weather i think ankle boots are a good choice and maybe a crew-neck cableknit sweater! i like wearing big belts and tucking the sweater into just the front of the belt a bit. it makes for a laid-back kinda look.

  3. I do really like the skirt - it is pretty much a combination of the perfect fall colours.

  4. I will so be checking out the costume racks; it's such a strange place to look for such a pretty skirt! Love the browns and rusts, and also the inspiration to use some of my vintage brooches on tees.


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