Monday, April 30, 2012

baby deer butt

thifted floral skirt, heels, and necklace, old navy top

Someone I follow on Instagram had a cute photo up of her polka dot nails, and said she used the head of a sewing pin to make the dots. Genius! I know they make dotting tools to get the same effect but I can't imagine buying something that ONLY makes dots out of nail polish. I need more practice making uniform polka dots though, so I just put them on in random sizes and patterns. This way it kinda looks like a baby deer's butt, which is cool I guess.

This skirt is a billion kinds of ugly but I feel drawn to it. I like the cut and length, it fits perfectly, and the colours will go with anything. I found it Saturday morning and haven't really taken it off since. A couple years ago I donate a pleated midi skirt with a similarly ugly granny floral pattern on it because I didn't think I'd wanted anything with a hem below my knees anymore. Now that's the length of skirt I'm looking for. Go figure.

RIP skirt, you were cool.


  1. this is such a pretty outfit!!

  2. Very lovely outfit! There is nothing ugly about that skirt! I have dots on my nails right now, I used the same little trick :)

  3. I used round (not flat) toothpicks to make polka dotted nails, it's great because toothpicks are cheap and you can use them for tons of stuff, like crafts or picking your teeth (ew).

  4. I really like these photos!!
    Great post ^^
    Your hair is beautiful, how inspiring :)


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