Sunday, April 29, 2012

living room progress

I've started the slow process of finding things to decorate my living room, now that I have a presentable looking couch. It's always fun to find something that 1. looks alright and 2. has some sort of "meaning". I'm a fisherman's daughter who spent evenings in high school doing laundry after-hours at a lobster processing plant, and I spent a month down on the floor weighing lobsters for extra cash after my first year of college (worst job ever, if you were wondering). So, you know, I "earned" the right to have this weird ugly lobster hanging on my wall. And it happens to match my couch perfectly.

Those pillows though... don't match at ALL. They're leftovers from my old futon. I'm toying with the idea of an orange/brown/turquoise colour scheme. I've had my eye on pillows like these

And I want to give a similar treatment to this... thing.

It's probably the most versatile piece of furniture I own. It works as a thing to set my laptop on when I watch 1 Girl 5 Gays, or extra seating, or a table or a foot stool or a cat perch... anything you can think of. But that fabric is NOT my style, and it's all stained because I also used to use is as a nail painting station. Button tufted turquoise velvet would look alright, right? With a skirt for added foofiness? I'm into it. And I promise not to paint my nails on it...


  1. That pillow is lovely. (I bought a knock off of that same sort at Target.) It's not that beautiful color though! Brown, orange, and aqua/turquoise looks great together!

  2. fantastic pieces! I'm so jealous! there is literally no affordable vintage anything in new york city. the prices are ridiculous:(

  3. You definitely earned that lobster hanging! It's very cool in an ugly way.

  4. wow I'm very curious how it's going to look! I think its pretty awesome thus far.


  5. Tufted turquoise velvet? A girl after my own heart.


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