Friday, April 20, 2012


thrifted plaid shirtdress, belt, bag and shoes

Ummm I think Value Village listened to all my tweets to them banging on about how everything is too damn expensive there. Yesterday I found a bunch of stuff (including these shoes and the bag) and everything was under 10 bucks! That's still a touch expensive for a thrift store, but I'll take it. Especially after seeing LITERAL ACTUAL GARBAGE on the shelves last week. Seriously! There were a bunch of wine bottles there for 2 bucks a pop. Not even fancy bottles, they were like... 10 empty bottles of Hochtaeler. I assume someone "donated" them because they were too lazy to go to the bottle depot.

I didn't get a great picture of these shoes but they're HEELS! again! they're really comfy too. I love the colour and the rounded toe and the big buckle on these. They're kinda giving me Chloe vibes. Which I appreciate, because I'll never afford a pair of actual Chloe shoes ever in my life.


  1. love love LOVE your purse!! you look great!

  2. Love the dress.

  3. way cute dress! and that BAG! what a find!


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