Tuesday, November 6, 2012

cold weather coat

everything thrifted
I bought this coat back in the spring, juuuust when it was warm enough to pack up all my winter gear for the season. I've secretly been wishing for cold weather so I could finally wear it and this when I heard the weather update on the radio and heard that temperatures all over PEI were hovering around freezing, I knew it was time to bust it out. I actually saw snow on some cars that had commuted into town from the country this morning!

I went on a little thrifing trip with some girlfriends on the weekend and found this doily-collar blouse in Montague. I also got an absolutely TERRIBLE salad cookbook from the mid-60s, which was when molded gelatin salads peaked in popularity. I remember seeing jello salads at potlucks growing up and as disgusting as I always thought they looked they have NOTHING on the salads in this book. I think I'll scan some and share them here because they really need to be seen to be believed.


  1. I thrifted a blouse pretty similar to yours. I need to wear it more often because I really love the collar. Your jacket is fantastic too. The fur collar on it looks really nice and cozy.

  2. OMG the salad cookbook sounds amazing, please scan it. I came across some Weight Watchers recipe cards from the 60s or 70s a while ago and they were similar, just SO gross sounding! PS. That coat!

  3. I swear my etsy favourites list is full of coats exactly like this one. It's beautiful!


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