Tuesday, November 27, 2012

portions for foxes

speckled sweater: thrifted | peter pan collar blouse: thrifted
skirt: modcloth | shoes: thrifted | rose pin: thrifted

Ohhhh sweaters over collars, my favourite thing about cold weather. This sweater and blouse are two recent thrifts I didn't think about wearing together when I got them, but they work nicely together.

Thinking about different ways to show off my layers on my sleeves. I'm tired of cuffing my blouses over my sweaters because it usually results in a stretched-out mess. I'm kind of imitating a Joe Fresh promotional image I saw, with a buttoned cuff peeking out from under a sweater... but of course I can't find that image anymore, whoops.


I also thrifted a coat. All my wintery coats are flashy in some way and I wanted something more understated. This is just a plain boring black coat with a hood. It's relatively new and came with horrible, horrible plastic buttons. It seems like most new clothes I find have the WORST quality buttons. Luckily, after spending a couple dollars on some new buttons from Fabricville I don't have to worry about them anymore. This coat actually has an invisible placket so you can't even see them when I'm all bundled up, but I like knowing they're there.


  1. Ha I redo the buttons on most of my coats too- I love that sweater! Such pretty little details in the wool:)

  2. I love the simple colour palette of this outfit. And sweaters! SWEATER SEASON!

  3. Perfect fall outfit! I hear you on the cheap button situation - it can really make a difference switching those things out!

  4. that coat looks like just the kind of coat i am looking for. also, the title of this post. and also, your outfit. i love sweaters and collars.

  5. I love the layers in this outfit. That sweater looks so nice and warm and the red top is really pretty underneath it. I like the subtle flower pin you're wearing with this too!

  6. I die for waffleknit sweaters in oatmeal tones....and the buttons you added on this coat are simply BOSS

  7. Yay, sometimes boring coats are the best, I'd be lost without my black raincoat! Love the buttons, much improved I bet :)


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