Saturday, December 29, 2012

in the low light


everything thrifted except for the joe fresh tights

I'm gonna play catch-up here, in point form:

1. I think this is a new favourite sweater. It's so soft and cozy and the little floral details on the peter pan collar are too perfect. I haven't been thrifting a lot lately but today I found this sweater, the bag, and a button-up shirt with a Liberty of London print.

2. Christmas happened, and I got a sewing machine! I'm really excited to finally take up the hems on a few dresses and skirts I've been hanging on to. And to make some things I can't seem to find, like a perfect full black skirt.

3. My time is consumed with watching The Hills lately. I hated on it when it was on originally but I didn't even know, I didn't even KNOW. I adore Lauren and Whitney, can't handle Spencer at all and I have hearteyes for Justin Bobby.

4. I turn 24 in a week and I'm excited, in a bittersweet kind of way. Not so much because it's my birthday, but because it marks the end of the holidays and all the celebrations surrounding them! December has been fun but it's been a little wild, I'll be glad to settle into the new year quietly.




  1. The floral embroidery on the collar is too much! I have also had enough partying in december to make me want a calm new years.

  2. Garment District! I almost bought that bag but decided to put it out on the floor. And I love that sweater sooo much but it'd be too snug on me to be cute. Glad you found it!

    Happy early birthday!

  3. The hills! I was so addicted to that show, and you're so right - Spencer is almost (okay definitely) terrifyingly idiotic.

    Love that you got a sewing machine for Christmas - I look forward to seeing your projects come to light!

  4. love this outfit ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  5. This sweater you thrifted is wonderful! I love the collar on it. Such a cute little outfit as always. Happy new year!

  6. Happy birthday!!!!! yay! Did you know Justin Bobby was the shows hairstylist? I love this Hills DUN GET ME STARTED its my guiltiest indulgent pleasures!

    I really want that sweater!

  7. I just stumbled across your blog and instantly fell in love with it! Your stile is so uniqe and I love it!
    Keep it up girl :)

    xx Jana

  8. Happy belated birthday!! Great thrifted outfit, it looks very chic and cozy :)

  9. love the cute little details on the collar:)


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