Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the season

dress: vintage | cardigan: gap | boots: thrifted | tights: joe fresh | belt: thrifted

There are jobs that slow down during the holidays and ones that get busier, and mine is one of the latter. For the past couple years I've stumbled through not being quite prepared for Christmas, and finding it sneaking up on me, but I think I'm finally hitting my stride with being able to pull it all together. The key is to do all my shopping on the walk home from work, and to make sure the dishes I make for potlucks will freeze well. And always, always have an emergency ugly sweater on hand.


If you're well-prepared, you'll have more time for the oddly stress-relieving practice of wrapping presents nicely. This is what I brought to my family's gift exchange (where I wore the outfit in this post)


  1. this outfit is so adorable and i'm insanely jealous of your gift wrapping skills!

  2. That plaid dress is seriously great.

  3. I can never wrap my presents perfectly no matter how much time I take on them! It's a skill I'm quite jealous of.
    Also, I love your vintage dress with the red cardigan layered over it. The way the collar peeks out of the top of the cardigan is so cute.

  4. this is super cute! i love the colors and patterns. your glasses are adorable, as well. :D

    kudos on the expert wrapping, by the way. i'm looking at my botched wrapping efforts under the tree, right now. ;/ it's the thought that counts. i just have to believe that. haha.

    take it easy!

    - Anna



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