Saturday, December 1, 2012

earrings, haircut, cat

dress: asos | earrings: milk & amber | velvet hairbow: joe fresh kids

My friend Katharine recently started blogging about fashion, vintage and thrifting in Charlottetown. It's so nice to have another PEI blogger in the mix! She's also started a vintage store, Milk & Amber, for her finds. I love these teak candlesticks, this vintage YSL scarf and this colourblocked pastel belt


I also got a haircut, finally, from the always wonderful Erin Gillespie. Some time in the last six months, my hair stopped curling. I don't know how or why that would happen! I'm not mad at all because I've never had tame hair in my life, but I needed a new cut to work with the new texture. It's wavy here but I assure you those are artificial curls, my hair will not do that on its own anymore.



  1. Oh, the earrings suit you so well! And Erin did some beautiful work - reminds me how overdue I am to book some time with her :)

  2. cute hair! and I loooove your earrings and glasses!

  3. I was so pleased to see a new PEI blogger too! And she has some super fun piece in her shop!

    Love those glasses frames. Even if I've probably said that a million times before!

  4. Those glasses look spectacular on you!

  5. I think you look awesome! Love the kitty :)

  6. I'm crazy about your glasses! I'm thinking about buying a new pair and you just gave me a lot of ideas! Thank you <3

    Also, your hair looks gorgeous!

  7. Wow! Your glasses are insanely perfect. I am loving your gorgeous blog, and your
    cat looks like a twin to my sister's cat.

    Stop by my blog sometime:

    <3 Paris


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