Wednesday, June 13, 2012

living on the edge

ONCE AGAIN everything I am wearing is thrifted

I am pretty sure this dress is a HOUSE DRESS, like, something you're not supposed to wear in public. But I am a big fan of livin' on the edge so I wore this to work today.

It's been a really beautiful week, weather-wise, but it's starting to get a little hot and humid and I'm suddenly reminded that I HATE SUMMER! I hate bugs! And getting all sweaty even when I'm just sitting around doing nothing. The funny (sad?) thing is that it doesn't even get very hot here! It MIGHT get to 30 degrees Celcius some days, but I'm still a huge baby about it. I plan on lots of popsicle therapy this summer.


  1. House dress or not, I love this. It looks so light and airy.

  2. I like the dress, regardless of whether it is a house dress! The print especially is nice.

    I am actually delighted by the PEI summer so far. I feel your pain with hating bugs and being too hot, but after the horrendously hot summer in Ottawa last year (up to 40 before humidity = death) I am happy to be back in the cool PEI summery weather.

  3. This looks so pretty. It doesn't matter if it's a house dress anyways~
    And SHUT UP. You got those shoes thrifting? I HATE YOU! Okay, not really but still. Serious envy coming right at you.


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