Thursday, June 21, 2012


dress: thrifted
belt: thrifted
loafers: old navy

sometimes I feel like polyester gets a bad rap. Sure it can get a lil' sweaty but it's durability really speaks to me as a careless, lazy person who doesn't take care of her things. and I like that I can have this polyester dress from the 70s and it's still as bright as the day it was made. that's kinda sweet and poetic, right?


  1. ah easy and casual, perfect for this heat were having..oh mon dieu

    ps i looooves me some polyester, so much im willing to sacrifice proper grammar for it!

  2. that dress is so pretty! i really love it. i'm a sweaty mess though so i gotta stay away from polyester!!!

  3. I do love how long polyester lasts but it isn't the most comfortable for me. In spite of that I do have some polyester pieces in my wardrobe. This dress is super pretty though - I am consistently amazed by your thrifting skills!


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