Friday, June 29, 2012


top: vintage
shorts: american apparel
shoes: old navy
pin: vintage
sour expression: the ordeal i'd just went through trying to curl my hair with a flat iron

I mentioned on twitter a while ago that I was gonna get some hotpants for yolo reasons and well, here they are. I feel like when I'm all old and wrinkly I'll be glad I wore ridiculous inappropriate things while I was still young and hot. Or maybe I'll still wear hotpants when I'm 80. Who knows what the future will bring!


  1. Cute post - I like the way you write. I don't know you and yet I can imagine how you may speak in real life! Love those shorts and that pin!

    Charmaine x

  2. love love love those shorts! the color is perfect.

    alicia // river city chic

  3. You're a brave woman! But I do admittedly love the colour of those hot pants - turquoise is always a win for me.

  4. Nothing ridiculous or inappropriate about shorty shorts, especially when it's midsummer and miserable.

  5. I love your philosophy and agree 100%, we get to look hot in hotpants for far too short a time :) Love the colour too..

  6. them pants look vintage! im surprised there from AA :P

    1. i know right! the fabric especially. i would not say no to a little 60s babydoll dress in this fabric. with a huge bow.

  7. I thought those shorts were vintage too! I love, love, love that moon pin. so sweet!


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