Friday, June 15, 2012

miss calvet

thrifted top and skirt, old navy shoes

I wear this skirt so much, I actually had a dream nightmare that I washed it and all the pleats fell out. Pretty soon it'll be too hot to wear it so I'm spending lots of quality time with it until that time comes.

When I found this top I was initially drawn to the colour and pattern. It's kinda like something Megan Draper would wear to the office. The matching sash sealed the deal though. I soooo want to wear it like headband but it looks a bit ridiculous. It's weird how certain looks from the past hold up but others (like these sort of headscarves) look costumey and dated.

screencap by Tom & Lorenzo


  1. I have reading glasses very similar to yours. I definitely see the likeness to Mad Men Megan!

    Charmaine x

  2. Oh I definitely think the headscarf can be pulled off without looking costumey. I think Megan's whole outfit there would look great today, though personally I would pick a different scarf.


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