Sunday, July 15, 2012


vintage handmade dress: thrifted
belt: thrifted
locket: thrifted
sandals: clarks

This is the last day of my vacation... It will be hard to get up for work again tomorrow morning but I couldn't have had a nicer week off! On Friday my Mom and I took the ferry to Nova Scotia to see my Opa (Dutch for "grandfather"). We had a nice little visit in Pictou County. I stopped at a couple thrift stores in New Glasgow as well, which is where I found this dress for $2.88. Nova Scotia thrift stores are so cheap, I tell ya... This little frock is handmade and so nice and cool for the hot sunny weather we keep having. And I mean KEEP having! I can't remember the last summer where we've had so many nice days! I'm actually hoping we have a few big wet rainy days soon, for the sake of everyone's farms and gardens.

I took my camera with me to NS. It's so embarrassing that I only use this big honking DSLR to take blog photos.

me and opa!!


  1. your outfit pictures taken outside this week have been so lovely. and the pictures you took in nova scotia are really pretty too. nice work!

  2. I like your dress, but I love the other photos! I really enjoyed your instagram documentation of the trip as well - Nova Scotia is so beautiful!

  3. Your thrift finds are amazing. I need to go to the Maritimes asap. :P Hehehe, I wish!
    I do want to visit PEI though...

  4. super cute! i love this :)


  5. This dress looks great on you! Love that photo of you and your opa!

  6. gorgeous dress :D and cute pic of you and opa :)



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