Wednesday, July 4, 2012

tell me a story

dress: vintage
shoes: aldo (2008)
hat: aldo accessories

I found this dress at Christine's Closet a few weeks ago. Or rather, the girl working there recognized me from the times I've been in there before and pointed it out to me because she thought I'd like it. That girl has got SKILLS because I'd never even bought anything there before, or even spoken to anyone in there. She told me she liberated this dress from her grandmother's attic (behind her grandmother's back actually O_O) along with a few others (including the yellow dress from this post).

I'm complete garbage at dating vintage but I'm pretty sure this is the oldest wearable thing I own, at least the most delicate. I don't know how women who wear pieces from the 30s and 40s do it! I felt like I was performing surgery when I washed this, I was so careful and anxious. I will not even D R E A M of sitting in this dress in anyway "unladylike" in fear of ripping it. I'm probably overreacting, and it's probably a lot more durable than I think it is... I guess it doesn't hurt to be careful with my clothing though!


  1. It is a beautiful dress. I wonder when it's from?

  2. This is so cute! Love the dress and hat. And the t-straps are sweet/

  3. looks like it was made for you! i know that feeling though of being nervous about destroying delicate vintage garments. better rip it enjoying it than have it get eaten by mothballs in some closet!

  4. So jealous of this find! It's so pretty.

  5. Beautiful is all I can say! Damn girl, that's a nice dress.

  6. that dress is brilliant.
    your whole blog is brilliant.

  7. i almost want to say early 60s but hell if i know anything. at any rate, it's perfect to me, i love prints just like these, and am for some reason currently very obsessed with green clothing. :P

  8. Cute hat! And a lovely dress too!


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