Tuesday, July 3, 2012

portrait of a lady

another totally thrifted outfit

PEI summer is officially in full swing! The weather has been sunny and hot (but not too hot) and the beach is calling me. I'm off work all next week and I plan on enjoying it to the fullest.

This little pin is a recent thrift. I THINK the back comes off of it so you can put your own photo in there... it looks like it does, but I can't get it to come apart. The gal in the photo must have been the placeholder photo it was sold with, if that's the case. It's so pretty though, even if I could pry it open I don't think I would want another picture in there.

I also figured out how to wear an extra-long belt without it looking awkward! I like long braided belts like this because I can wear them around my hips or waist and never have to punch extra holes in them. They're very economical!


  1. I really like the brooch. It would be cool if you could switch the pictures, but I do like the original one, for sure.

  2. Such a cute outfit. Ps, your blog is adorable! <3

  3. I'm inspired by this outfit! So cute.
    Want to know a fun, funny fact? I HAVE THE EXACT SAME PURSE AS YOU! Is it Dooney and Bourke(?) because if it is... I have the same. I bought mine $2 at a church rummage sale.

  4. nice xx :))

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  5. Such a sweet skirt, good find!

    It's Sierra, from back in the LR (haha). I've been meaning to tell you that I read your blog religiously and I love all your thirfting adventures. I work for a vintage boutique and spend half my life in thrift stores so I know the game & you always get such great shit! I wanna east coast thrift, it seems so awesome!


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