Thursday, July 12, 2012

wicker lady

blouse: vintage
skirt: thrifted
ring: vintage avon via ebay
wicker bag: thrifted
sandals: clarks wellfleet

I've had this bag for a few years but this is the first time I've used it as something other than decoration. It opens like a clamshell, which makes it kinda unwieldy and annoying to use. Pretty though, eh?

This blouse came from a whirlwind visit to Repeats' costume room (and costume back room) a few days ago. THRIFTING TIP: if a thrift store has a costume section, that is where all the vintage hides. Even stuff that isn't particularly costumey, like this blouse! And if you're local, you really need to go to Repeats. The costume room is STUFFED, and the back room is packed with old stuff as well.

Locals may recognize this area as Dead Man's Pond in Victoria Park. As the name might suggest, there are some creepy stories about this spot, and rumours that the pond is bottomless (spoiler alert: it's not). All urban legends aside, it makes for a pretty sweet place to take outfit pictures. Nice lighting, lots of rocks to act as tripods, and no one ever walks by and sees me... probably because they've been freaked out by all the ghost stories...


  1. I can't remember the last time I visited Repeats. Rummaging through their costume room has officially been added to my PEI Summer to-do list.

  2. spot on once more.
    you look very vintage haha. :D

  3. Huh! I would have never thought to check the costume section for vintage. Thanks for the tip!
    This outfit is so great. That purse is adorable, too!

  4. I was wondering about this location! The lighting there is so pretty.

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    your style is cute!

  6. i love the darkness of that shirt! don't fall into that pond! it reminds me of the beginning of some haruki murakami book :T


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