Monday, March 19, 2012

all weather leather

joe fresh coat, skirt, top and cardigan, thrifted dooney & bourke purse, belt, tights and locket, old navy loafer

Springtime = time to bust out my old Dooney & Bourke. I've found a few D&B bags over the years but this is the only one I've held on to. I'm really particular about bags and this has the best shape, colour, strap, etc. And the leather is so thick that I can't hear my phone ringing when it's zipped up. I found it for 5 dollars at a yard sale but I'd have no qualms handing over $50+ for one on Etsy if anything ever happens to this one.

I've had this jacket about as long as my purse, maybe longer. I hadn't realized how... "aged" it's gotten was until I dug up this old photo from 3 years ago. It had to have been brand new here, because I remember switching out the buttons as fast as I could.

Feel free to lol at my tiny old cat eye glasses...


  1. I love vintage leather bags, and that one is lovely. P.S. Cat-eye glasses are always great (this coming from a librarian).

  2. the bag is awesome! and I love the second outfit. and the kitty.<3

  3. Cute outfits. I like your little glasses. =)

    I also have a black cat - his name is Merlin.

  4. your cat might not be the nurturing type, but he is cute! and I love your cat eye glasses! :D


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