Wednesday, March 21, 2012

tutti frutti

h&m floral dress, thrifted peter pan collar top, denim jacket and dooney & bourke bag, old navy flats, hardware store scarf (yes, they sell scarves) and revlon lip butter in "tutti frutti"

I saw buds on a magnolia tree today! Spring!! Flowers!!!

These Lip Butters are all the rage, I guess, but for good reason because they're pretty neat. This one is bright orange in the tube, which is a lil scary, but I think it looks alright on.

I'm on a hunt for a plain denim or chambray dress like the one on the right, so I can DIY those jewels on ("do it yourself those jewels on" yeah that makes sense as a sentence).

I would just buy this one but it's Mulberry and it's a thousand dollars. hahahhahahahhahahhahahah yeah right.

1 comment:

  1. I love this whole outfit! I can't decide which is the best part, I love it all so much! So well put together :)

    I love the chambray dress, and I want that Mulberry bag in the pictures lol


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