Wednesday, March 7, 2012

hungry heart

thrifted pom pom hat, leopard print shirt, angora sweater, ring, clip and doc martens, old navy rockstar jeggings

I think I fixed my colour issue by using jpgs instead of RAW files. Isn't RAW supposed to be awesome? What's happening!!

Anyway, I don't actually wear hats inside too often because it feels weird and wrong, but I like this hat I wear to keep my ears warm outside so I like to pop it into outfit photos every so often. It's also covering the spectacular hack job I did on my bangs the other night. Don't cut your own bangs! Even if you've been cutting them yourself for three years with no dire repercussions! One day they will turn on you.


  1. Ohh dear, I've always cut my own bangs ;)

    Love it! Especially the clip is cool :D the second photo is really pretty! x

  2. i love that collar clip. I can't believe you thrifted it, what a find and an awesome way to jazz up an outfit x


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