Tuesday, March 6, 2012

remix to the remix to ignition

thrifted joe fresh skirt, gap sweater, peter pan blouse, pin, ring and doc martens, sally hansen "blue me away" nail colour

A term that doesn't seem to stick around much these days, but has always bothered me, is "remixing." Like, if you've worn something once before, the next time you wear it you credit it as "remixed." Wearing clothes, doing laundry, and wearing them again is How You Wear Clothes! It doesn't need a fancy term for it. Anyway. I've worn all these pieces a bunch of time (on and off the blog) because I like them and want to wear them a lot. Except for the Doc Martens. I hope you're not tired of them because I'm SICK of them and can't wait until all the snow melts and I can wear something else on my feet.

PS My photos are still kinda screwy on the colour-front. I should probably fix that eh.


  1. I've never understood that either. Oh you wore that dress again but with a different cardigan? and that is different from wearing clothes how? For real though if that is true I am the queen of "remixing" since I wear all my clothes until they fall apart.

  2. you look so hot n fresh out of the kitchen

  3. i totally laughed at your definition of remix, because i've definitely always felt that way about it. at first i just thought i "didn't get it."

    as for your colour issues, i know this might be an obvious question but what setting are you using? once i had that problem but it just turned out i had my camera set to "outdoors/sunny" when i was taking photos indoors... that said, your photos look great on my computer screen.

    you're fun kristin.

    1. the problem is when i upload them to flickr! (or anywhere) the life just gets sucked out of them, but they look good in photoshop. it started when i started using RAW files so i guess that's the issue, which is weird since RAW is supposed to be "better"... oh well.


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