Thursday, March 1, 2012

mushroom hunting

gogo vintage dress, hue tights, thrifted doc martens and strawberry necklace

WOW the colours in these photos are screwy. Any advice? I'm no pro at photo editing but I swear these looked better before I uploaded them to Flickr.

This is nerdy but this dress reminds me of a line at the end of a Harry Potter book, before Harry returns to Privet Drive and predicts that it will be "hot and leafy" which I always thought was the a great way to describe warm weather. This dress is hot and leafy! If it made a sound it would sound like that annoying bug that makes the long high-pitched buzzing noise. ...Thank God it doesn't though.


  1. awesome! love the color of the tights in combination with the dress... and your little strawberry necklace!


  2. I think the color looks fine! uploading my pics to flickr does weird things sometimes too, especially to very bright reds: makes it go pixelated :(

  3. The print on this dress is adorable!


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