Monday, May 14, 2012


dynamite blazer, thrifted floral skirt, tassel necklace and braided belt, joe fresh tee, old navy loafers

I feel like I strolled out of a 2009 Livejournal fashion community today. The old skirt+vneck+belt combo has been my go-to outfit since the dawn of time and I'm getting a little tired of it. I almost wore a cardigan with this but I was just overcome with boredom about the MONOTONY of the whole thing that I grabbed this weird blazer I spent too much money on in the fall and wore exactly twice instead.
I've been taking blog pictures every few days as usual but not posting them because I'm not happy with them. I don't know if the weather is making it harder to dress myself or if I'm just now realizing that all my clothes suck. How do you ~shake up~ your style when you're stuck in a gross rut like this?


  1. ugh I totally get the rut. I usually just buy a few items I'm happy with, until the next rut happens... (or the weather gets better, like you said) Yeah, I realise, I'm no help, sorry :')

    But to be honest when I saw the photo I thought: oooooh I really like this! I love that blazer and skirt. so, well done in any case :)


  2. You have the most amazing glasses!

    When I'm in a fashion rut I always try to find something really obscure in my closet and try to find a new and unique way to wear it. The turn of seasons always makes it tough to style clothes though!

  3. When I get in a rut I buy more stuff. That sounds horrid but I usually just go to Value Village and see if I can find something cheap and different! I wish I was more creative with my outfits but I tend to stick to a very distinct look.

  4. I actually like that blazer!

    When in a fashion rut I try to take things I haven't worn in a while and wear them in different ways. Remixing is a must. Or sell some stuff on ebay to make room for some new things.


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