Monday, May 21, 2012

queen victoria

joe fresh dress, thrifted denim jacket and sandals, mod accessories pin, aldo accessories hat

Happy Victoria day to my fellow Canadians. This day always manages to be beautiful and sunny and this year is no exception. I'm gonna keep this short and head out in a minute to enjoy the day.

This dress was one of my favourite finds last summer (19 bucks, not even on sale or anything!) but I didn't wear it much since the weather was never nice enough for it. Hopefully this year will be different.

I also dyed my hair a couple days ago. This was my go-to hair colour when I was in high school, it's fun to revisit it!


  1. Love the Joe Fresh dress, and that adorable hat! I have been outside almost all day today, it's been amazing - in Summerside at least. Gotta love long weekends.

  2. i'm pants at summer/warm weather dressing, you seem to have it down pretty well


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