Friday, May 25, 2012

sunnies and stuff

I've worn glasses since I was 8 and haven't owned a single pair of sunglasses in that time (save for one grim summer where I had those ugly clip-on ones). I actually have permanent, deep wrinkles on my forehead from squinting all the time. I figure it was time I sucked it up and bought these frames from Clearly Contacts with prescription sunglasses lenses. I feel so weird in them but I guess I'll get used to them. I also wanna know: is it rude to wear sunglasses indoors? Like, when you're picking up takeout or grocery shopping or something like that. I've gotten responses ranging from "nah who cares" to "yes but I do it anyway" to "it's douchey and sketchy" but idk how many times a day I can stand to fumble through my purse to switch to my regular glasses.

I also have to share this because it's the best thing I've seen lately: Birds attack Ottawa joggers Having a blackbird nest in your ponytail is absolutely the most twee and whimsical thing I can think of so I dunno why those women are swatting them away. I have personally been practicing for this to happen to me for YEARS.

This is how I dressed up for my Lady Gaga themed birthday party back in 2010.

Other stuff that caught my eye recently:

Last weekend I was watching the episode of the Simpson's where Otto drives up in the poolmobile and it got me thinkin' about pools that move. I googled "pools in trucks" and apparently this is a thing people do. I'm deadset on hanging out in a truck pool this summer. I made a pinboard of my faves.

I can't find the source of this picture for the LIFE of me, so if you know it, let ME know! Because I wanna give proper credit and I also want to get to know this chick.

Translating the printemps érable is a tumblr that translates French media about the student protests in Quebec right now. Canadian English media coverage hasn't been great, and I don't think US media has been covering it at all. Worth a read!

I had a hankering for some Pretty in Pink the other day so I watched in on Netflix. I hadn't seen it for years and !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! I am SO GLAD Molly Ringwalk stuck her nose in the script and made it so that Andie DIDN'T end up with Duckie in the end! On this viewing it was clear from the start that Duckie is your classic Nice Guy who thinks he's stuck in the friend zone. Gross! I still can't hate him though, his wardrobe and dance moves are still so good. And Andie's prom dress at the end is still so, so bad.


  1. Your sunglasses look cute! And I don't think it's rude wearing your sunglasses indoors. When I'm running errands, I don't have time to switch back and forth between glasses. If you're wearing them during the night, then maybe!?

  2. I don't think it's that big a deal wearing them indoors, esp if they are prescription. Maybe not for hours on end but for quick jaunts? No worries!

    Also - huge sucker for John Hughes movies - love them all! And yes - Andie's prom dress would've been way more fabulous if she'd just left it alone and not hacked it to death. Otherwise though, a great movie!

  3. Never really thought about Duckie that way, but you're totally right!

  4. controversial pretty in pink opinion, haha! i always had a soft spot for stef, personally. don't know what it is about rich preppy 80s dickhead villains but i LOVE them! and the blackbird headpiece is awesome xx

  5. I had the hots for Steff too. And I love the movie. Don't worry about the sunglasses thing. I wear mine on errands. Those are so cool!


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