Monday, February 27, 2012

all dressed up

jezzy belle's vintage dress, hue polka-dot tights, vintage mary-jane heels, gifted hat

This lovely handmade vintage dress Deb from Jezzy Belle's sent me deserves so much more than my regular old Docs-and-leggings winter routine. I thrifted these low mary-jane heels last weekend and thought they were a perfect match for the dress. So I just... got dressed up. And stayed in my house and took photos of my outfit! Yes! This dress will see the (literal) light of day in a couple months but for now why not have fun and dress up in Spring clothes just to stay in my comfy warm apartment? I'm sure it's an effective treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder. And not a waste of time at ALL, nooooo...

By the way, there's a buncha great vintage for sale over at Jezzy Belle's. This precious prom dress is catching my eye, along with this sweet sailor dress. There's even a cherished Castlecliff lucite goldfish necklace. If you buy it you can be just like me!

PS - I think people hate it when fashion bloggers talk about the weather? I've seen people say this before. Too bad. The weather has a HUGE say in how I get dressed! It's my excuse for not prancing around in open jackets and bare legs like half the bloggers I follow are doing right now.


  1. AHHH it looks so perfect on you! I'm so glad you like it.

  2. Such a cute dress! I love how it looks with those polka dot tights!

  3. I'm always self-conscious of talking about the weather... but it determines what I wear! You look really lovely in this dress.

  4. You look adorable! You and Deb have impeccable taste.

  5. Amen sister! I can't wait for Winter to be over, I have major cabin fever over here, this dress looks so lovely on you :) PEI in Summer is so pretty, I last time I was there for a visit was back in 1998 I believe, that red sand is so pretty and all the stars in the sky at night. Awwee there go my teenage memories :) I had some friends from there but not in Charlotte town, somewhere on a beach front with a hand made candle shop and chocolate factory, is that place still around?



  6. WOW! gorgeous dress! looks adorable.


  7. This looks incredible on you! Love the length, so so gorgeous! x


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