Monday, August 27, 2012

a deal with god

polka dot top: joe fresh
black pleated skirt: thrifted
tote bag: fieldguided
flats: old navy
rose pin: thrifted
tassel necklace: thrifted
belt: thrifted

After the Olympics I couldn't get Running up that Hill out of my head, so I finally snatched up this tote I've had my eyes on for years. It's odd how carrying Kate Bush lyrics around with me all day immediately makes me feel refined and poetic, things I am... not.


I've been trying out the Gibson tuck with my short hair lately and I'm pleased with the results. Usually when I attempt updos they turn out looking like a total rats nest, even the ones that are supposed to look messy.


I'm coming up on my first anniversary of posting outfits on this blog, which I suppose makes me a fashion blogger of almost a year. Honestly, the only regret I have is not starting one sooner. I feel like my sense of style has been pushed and pulled into place, my self-esteem is doing pretty great (taking photos of yourself all the time helps), I get a lot of photography practice, and I'm a part of a community filled with smart, wonderful women. I feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about 'em! I can understand why some bloggers go through "why am I doing this?" blogging crises, but I am gonna go on record to say that I friggin LOVE blogging.


  1. Doing that hair style TOMORROW.
    Love your blog, you make me care about clothes until I leave the computer then forget what I was doing!

  2. Your hair looks so cute! Definitely trying that out too.

  3. You are a beauty!! I love that rose pin, such a nice touch. Thank you! x

  4. Love that hairstyle - it looks lovely! And I love the fieldguided tote too.

  5. Love this outfit, looks amazing. Your skirt is super lovely!

  6. You look beautiful! And I want that tote bag, I love Kate Bush.

  7. haha "things i am...not"- i'm sure you are a little bit! and i love that skirt- i cant believe you thrifted it. what a score

  8. Happy blogoversary! I feel the same about style blogging. I'm working on my photography skills, improving my style (I hope), and making some wonderful virtual friends. And I'm Pinning you now, because I love this outfit :)


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