Friday, August 3, 2012

no good

70s top: thrifted
belt: thrifted
floral skirt: thrifted
vintage avon bow necklace: thrifted
sandals: clarks

I'm not very good at summer dressing... When I get dressed lately I keep wanting to add all sorts of layers but I can't because it's too friggin warm and I get frustrated.

I also miss my NORMAL FACE wow. I've had acne for the past decade in some shape or form but it's really bad lately and the presence of it is bothering me more than normal. I think I've finally had enough of it. Don't bother giving me suggestions for how to get rid of it because I already fielded this question on Twitter and got no less than TWELVE completely different suggestions.( ._. )

So anyway. Sorry for the bummer post but THERE YOU HAVE IT, the reasons I haven't been posting much lately. I swear, everything other than my face and clothing has been great lately.


  1. Ugh, yes! I was not built for summer. Give me cosy over breezy any day.

  2. I didn't have trouble with acne until I stopped taking the pill 18 months ago. Now I find I have to follow the regimen in order to keep blemishes under control. And I'm 41.

  3. very pretty blouse,
    adorable outfit


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