Thursday, August 23, 2012

lemon lime

t-shirt: smart set
vintage lilly pulitzer skirt: thrifted
bow belt: from a vintage dress
necklace: thrifted
sandals: clarks

I will be happy to see summer go, but I'm glad I can squeeze a few wears out of this newly-thrifted skirt before the cold weather sets in. My style in general has been drifting away from bright colours but I think I might always make an exception for sixties prints like this. I think if my summer wardrobe was exclusively vintage Lilly and Malia patterned skirts and dresses, I'd be happy.

Feelin' weird about my hair lately. When I first cut it short (a year ago!) I thought it was the best thing I'd ever done but I've been wanting my long hair again! I mostly miss sticking my hair in a bun or a sidebraid in the summer when it was misbehaving... now all I can figure out is this sad looking ponytail. Look at it! so sad so pathetic. :( Maybe I just need someone to show me how to properly style my hair.

This weekend the location of these photos will be ~transformed~ for Art in the Open. Last year's event was one of my favourite nights of the summer. I'm looking forward to seeing the result of all the contributors' hard work. I may even have photos to share here on Sunday. If I can ever get over my photography-shyness. (anyone else feel weird taking photos in public?)


  1. Gotta love a 60's print. I am admittedly looking forward to fall. I haven't yet been to art in the open but I'm hoping to go this year!

  2. I love your necklace! As for the hair, I've had this same problem when I first got rid of my long hair. But with your length, I think you can do some sort of braiding that would look cool. I especially like the second tutorial here:

  3. Love the citrusy skirt. A very refreshing summer skirt.

    I just nominated you for a Leibster award. Go to my blog to see what this means.

  4. You look like you're literally a child from the 60s, haha. Or 70s? Like, especially now I feel like I'm looking at a vintage photo...


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