Sunday, August 19, 2012


shirt: thrifted ralph laren
short: thrifted
braided belt: thrifted
smoking flats: old navy

I've been playing my guitar again! I used to play a lot in high school, but when I moved to Charlottetown for college I never brought it with me. I never had time for it during school anyway. I picked it up a couple times since then I never got back into it on the same level. I fixed her up with some pretty new strings and that seems to be the ticket. Now anything I play sounds nice!


I had a yard sale with some pals yesterday and took these instagrams to entice people to come. You may remember a few months ago, when I donated huge bags of clothing to Value Village. It wasn't painful or difficult at all, I had no trouble getting rid of them. The stuff I chose to save for the yard sale has a little more sentimental value. I wasn't really concerned with making money, (as much as I appreciated it!) but seeing the clothes I loved go to new homes. As sad as I was to get rid of the leather jacket I used to wear daily, it was nice to see it go home with a woman who said her teenage daughter would be SO happy to have it. Similar with the mother of a Michael Jackson fan who snapped up my glitzy military jacket.

Of course, holding a yard sale with a couple other girls meant I was going to come home with some new things. I was good, though.

I got this vest from Caitlin, who's worked in thrift stores for the past few years and as a result has an amazing collection. I can't wait for fall so I can wear this with jeans and boots.

Also from Caitlin. I've been on the lookout for a 60s nightie a la pregnant Trudy Campbell for a while now. This isn't quite as cupcakey or pink but it works for me.

Strawberry bag from Aimee. This almost makes me wish I dressed Lolita because it would be the perfect addition to a frilly Sweet Lolita outfit.


  1. I should start playing again, too. I started getting getting nervous playing in front of people after years of playing in front of people, so I was like "I'm just gonna play for myself!" and just fell out of the habit. But now I miss it!

    Jealous of your Trudy Campbell nightie, too.

  2. Love your new finds! The strawberry bag is genius :)

  3. I so wished I could've gone to that yard sale but I had visitors from out of town who weren't keen to leave s'side so early. You managed to score some great pieces too!

  4. im so obsessed with reds, pinks, and burgundys I think thats why I love love love this outfit. And a la you, and julia topaz ive been cleaning out my closet as well!

  5. This is perfect!!! And two weeks ago I had a yard sale too. :p Feels good to get rid of your clothes + get $$$ too...

  6. whoaa, most beautiful woman I ever saw.

  7. Everything in this post is THE BEST. That shirt and the shorts together! The night gown!!!


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