Sunday, August 26, 2012

Art in the Open 2012

As promised, here are some photos. This is only a fraction of the amazing pieces of artwork scattered throughout Charlottetown last night.

Collect Call by Laura MacPherson

Flying Bicycle by Ahmon Katz

Wonderland Labrynth by Lori Joy Smith and Catherine Miller
(there were so many cute little details to photograph with this one)

Beaconsfield Assembly Dancers

Field by Michael McCormack

Carousel by Jeff McGuigan

Capture by Gerald Beaulieu

this town is small - Art in the Open 2012


  1. nice photos! especially the night ones.

  2. awww wow so beautiful and whimsical! i love the collect call one a lot. great photos

  3. I wish I could've gone! So many amazing pieces!

  4. Amazing! I wish I would have checked it out myself. Beautiful photographs!

  5. I was at a wedding at the Rodd that night and we noticed the web. Couldn't figure out what it was for. Haha. These photos are gorgeous.

  6. Thanks for these lovely photos! Thanks to Charlottetown too for being such a fantastic host!


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