Monday, January 9, 2012

gold rose

thrifted top, belt, shoes and avon ring, thrifted joe fresh skirt, old navy cardigan, shoppers drug mart fleece-lined tights, sparitual "mystic" nail colour

I slept through all my alarms this morning but still managed to get out the door in time. For the past year I've picked out all my clothes the night before, so getting dressed requires little to no thought other than making sure my clothes aren't inside out (still don't manage this sometimes). And something about having my nails freshly painted with a ring on my finger makes me feel put together no matter what. This is my absolute favourite ring that I got for 5 dollars (maybe? memory is foggy) at a self-described "giant" yard sale. Which happened to take place indoors in a rink. OK!


  1. I am all about laying out my outfit the night before - any extra time for sleeping in in the morning, I take.

    Love that ring too!

  2. LOOOVE that ring!!

  3. Its a nice ring but i would like to say that i liked the clothing style.Stockings under short skirt which i prefer all the year round.


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