Monday, January 16, 2012

steal wool

thrifted polo, skirt, belt, hat and doc martens, joe fresh cardigan

I was in Nova Scotia this weekend for my grandfather's 91st birthday party. On the way there we had a spare hour to go to both Louie's locations in Truro. While we were there my mom showed me this skirt, along with a couple others, to tell me how nice the wool was and how great they would be for her to cut up and use in rugs. So of course I stole them, tried them on, and bought them for myself. I'm sure they would have made beautiful rugs but I've been looking for full wool skirts like this for years! i couldn't help it! I got what was coming to me when we got to the next location and my sister snatched up a pair of Etienne Aigner chain loafers right from under my nose. I still made out with some great finds though, including this hat and vintage polo.


  1. how sad if that gorgeous skirt had ended up as a rug!!! i'm glad you got to steal it.

    1. hopefully when she's tired of wearing those "stolen" skirts, they will become part of a beautiful "art" rug... Kristin's mom

  2. The mustard hat and coal color skirt are fabulous!
    xoxo mama wolf.


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