Tuesday, December 6, 2011

hands in my pockets

Yes, I still own and wear this American Apparel pocket skirt - big with fashion bloggers in 2008. And why not? It's not a fad anymore, in fact I don't think AA even sells it any more (ditched it for their new ~preppy Ralph Laren aesthetic~ I assume) but it remains a great basic.

american apparel skirt, old navy cardigan, thrifted shirt, doc martens and christian dior belt

I posted an outfit with a dark grey sister of this skirt to a fashion community a few years ago. A commenter told me to refrain from putting my hands in my pockets because it "changes the shape of the skirt." Into what shape? Into the shape of a skirt with hands in the pockets? It's still funny to me.

thrifted denim jacket, half-broken canon


  1. I like the casual style of this outfit. As for the random no-hands-in-pockets commenter? No need to listen to that nonsense.

  2. That skirt remains a weekend staple for me! Its so easy to slip cookies in the pockets.


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