Tuesday, December 20, 2011

shop your...

thrifted top, belt, and necklace. (thrifted) joe fresh skirt. old navy cardigan. zellers boots.

Remember when "recessionista" was a word people thought was ok to say? and blogs and magazines told you to start THRIFTING! And SHOP YOUR CLOSET! I remember a particularly out of touch Teen Vogue article imploring girls to dig up the Chanel headbands our moms all have hiding in storage. Right.

I already have thrifting down, in my opinion (this peach top from Froggie's wouldn't be out of place at Madewell, right?) but I always thought shopping your own closet sounded dumb. Until I found this perfectly good skirt, which, despite never being worn, ended up in the bottom of a laundry hamper. It was originally a thrift find too, do I get double recessionista points?

this jerk is all over me when I try to take photos so here's an embarrassing photo in retaliation.


  1. The same thing happens to me where I forget I even had something in my closet...cute look :)

    xo erica

  2. I actually have this same skirt in grey & navy - I wear it all the time! I will say that it seems a bit funny to read articles saying "try thrifting!!" etc. when it's something I've been doing for ages.

  3. P.S. I got the print and it is so pretty! I can't wait to frame it and hang it on my wall

  4. HAHA "recessionista"! The way you said Teen Vogue put it doesn't sound too realistic, but you're doing well with that great skirt!

    xx Raez


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