Monday, December 12, 2011


eshakti dress, hue tights, zellers booties, h&m coat and earmuffs

I usually take a little pride in the fact that almost everything I wear was found in PEI. So many people lament about the lack of good shops here, but it just takes a bit of digging (and thrifting!) to find a unique style for yourself. As nice as that sentiment is I have to say... I'm not really living up to it today. Oops.

The dress was ordered online during eShakti's Black Friday sale. You need to check out this site! You can order standard sizes or input your measurements and get a custom piece, for only a couple bucks. I ordered a standard size but was able to input my height, so my dress hits my knees instead of coming up way too short like most dresses I find in stores these days.

And the coat and earmuffs... from a weekend trip to New Brunswick. It's run of the mill for lots of people but I can't help but get a little excited when I hit up an H&M.

I need to ask, if I have any readers in similarly rural regions, what do you do? Make do with what's available, shop online, make a few big shopping trips a year? A healthy mix? Let me know!


  1. You know what, at least you make the effort to shop locally! It's only natural to have some pieces from other places! Love this look, that coat has just automatically gone on my wish list. Beautiful styling.

    Alexandra xo

  2. That jacket is to die for! And it looks warm too! I totally agree with you ... H&M makes me so excited - for people in bigger cities it's probably no big deal! When I go I look forward to it for weeks :) XO Candice

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  4. i love that coat! you're making me miss winter

  5. I can attest to the fact that there are good pieces to be found on PEI! That being said, I did shop off island a lot too when I lived there, or online. I really like this dress too - it's super pretty.

  6. I like those boots a lot!

  7. I live in PEI too and I just tend to make due with what's here. I love Value Village and there are a few decent shops in the area (because of my size, I shop at the Penningtons/Additonelle/MXM in C-town and love it). In terms of jewellery, for me what helps is that I make a lot of my own stuff (the Michaels in C-town is great and a little better than the Halifax one), and I had a pretty good collection built up before moving here. I don't know... it works for me.


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