Tuesday, February 14, 2012


elcipse pencil skirt, old navy cardigan, hand-me-down ruffled cardigan, hue tights, thrifted doc martens and cross stitch locket necklace

Happy Valentines Day! I've mentioned this before but I am all for any holiday that involves eating candy. I even like those stupid chalky conversation hearts. Fax me.

Aside from picking up a bunch of discounted candy tomorrow, I'm also going to be getting my eyes checked for the first time in an embarrassingly long time. This means I can finally get new glasses! I've had my Vivienne Westwood frames for 3 years and as nice as they are I'm a little sick of them after having them on my face every single waking moment since I got them. Clearly Contacts is doing one of their free pair offers which is intriguing, but when I did the virtual try-on feature this happened.

I can't work with this!!


  1. aaaaaah pink would be so good on you! but that preview is hilarious, haha.


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