Thursday, February 9, 2012

venus in whatevers

thrifted black lace dress, belt and doc martens, vintage fur collar from etsy, joe fresh cardigan, tights and socks

When I first mentioned buying this vintage fox fur collar from Etsy I was faced with a lot of "why"s or sad faces or simply photos of foxes frolicking among flowers. I don't feel bad about wearing the fur of an animal that died 30 years ago, in a farm that more than likely doesn't exist anymore, and supporting a small businessperson in the process. Would it be better if it was thrown away or boxed up in an attic unworn? I don't have any qualms about wearing it.


  1. i like your blog a lot! and i agree with you about vintage fur. i love it; i won't be ashamed of wearing an animal that died way before i was even born! it suits you and is such a playful touch. great find.


  2. I'm vegetarian and give you my blessing. Plus, I wear vintage fur too. It's so old, it doesn't really matter. The fur industry was so much different back then.

  3. great outfit!

    i feel like unless you're vegan, i don't get why people criticize folks for buying/wearing vintage or recycled fur. i've got pretty close-to-vegan politics myself, but damn i live in a cold climate!

    i also hate that fur gets so much of a bad rap, when no one would make a sad face when you buy leather, or a down-filled coat. canada goose coats are like 300 bucks and use coyote fur and down feathers, but very few people hate on them as much as they hate on my thrifted 20 dollar coat with fur trim...

  4. I wouldn't worry about wearing it either. Although I don't own any, I don't have a huge problem with vintage/recycled fur, more just buying it new or seeing on the runways in NY for example.

    BTW a few Maritime gals are planning a bit of a blogger get-together on April 28 in Halifax which I will most likely be going to. We've got a group together on FB, if you shoot me an email I can send you some more details!


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