Wednesday, February 1, 2012


old navy sweater, thrifted plaid dress, etienne aigner belt, and doc martens

This is the first dress I ever thrifted! If you have been stalking me on the internet for 4 years you may remember this dress, from this outfit:

It was one of my first submissions to wardrobe_remix, the flickr group that I credit for sparking my interest in fashion. Most of the things I acquired during that discovery phase have been donated away by now but this dress stays. Maybe I've kept it around for the sentimental value. Or maybe I just like plaid dresses with pointy collars.


  1. love the color of that sweater. and the pointy collar is, indeed, awesome.

  2. That dress is wonderful - the extra long pointed collar is perfection.

  3. Again, where did you get those amazing curtains? Also, your hair looks great in these pics!

    1. They were on sale at Wicker Emporium last year for super cheap!


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