Wednesday, February 22, 2012

teenage dream/wasteland/dirtbag/etc.

everything thrifted,except for tights, they were a gift) and a pair of joe fresh socks

Before I got my braces I got this vague idea that I should maybe dress more "adult" when I got my braces. In a recent post, Sarah touched on what it means to be told you look like a high-schooler. And what's more high school than braces? There's a sign in my orthodontist's waiting room that says "Please respect that most appointments are made during school hours." I haven't been to a class in years! I have to fit those appointments into my work schedule! I graduated from post-secondary education at age 19! I'm currently rounding out my third year of living in my own apartment that I pay for myself. That's what makes you an adult, right? Paying your own bills? Making your own eye appointments and slapping down the eighty bucks it costs on your credit card?

So maybe people think I look like a teenager when I wear weird short dresses and big boots. Forgive me for sounding like one as well, but who cares what other people think? I know how to live on my own. When I was an actual teenager I craved independence, and now that I have it you can bet I'll exercise it by wearing as many peter pan collars and knee-high socks as I want.


  1. Peter pan collars and knee socks? Yes!! Who cares if they 'make you look like a teenager' - they're awesome!

    Also awesome? That denim dress.

  2. I really like the dress! Leopard collar is awesome.

    Also, your post below with the crocheting becoming a coaster was weirdly inspirational for me since I can only crotchet in straight lines. I've only made scarfs up til this point, but i could totally use my skillz for potholders or coasters! (my etsy!)

  3. That dress is phenomenal on you, high schoolers would never wear anything that nice and well-fitting anyway

  4. I love this denim dress, so nice to discover other Canadian bloggers :)


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