Saturday, February 4, 2012

recent thrifts

a big heavy ring that looks like a big ol' chain

a tiny deer family

i like the gradiated effect on this glass.

the fur collar just came from etsy, and i thrifted the globe. i deduced to be made in 1975. every time i see a world map i like to see what they think pei looks like


i needed something to save room on my kitchen table/desk. i'm into the scalloped detail around the edge of this tray.

some seriously warm wool mittens that people keep calling oven mitts :c these are handmade!

and the most boring but most important thrift of the season - new boots! these are made in canada, lined in shearling, and the leather is waterproof and salt-resistant! just what i needed.


  1. I always do the same thing - checking for PEI and how it's been put on the map. Usually they leave it off completely!

  2. the boots are SO lovely!


  3. OMG the mitttttttens!!! do you know who made them? they must have a great story behind them...


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